New offices, new co-workers, new inspiration

A new page is turned at Brig Studio!

After almost two and a half years of teleworking, I now go to a warm, contemporary and uncluttered office of more than 4,400 m2 located in Place Stéphanie every day - since May 1st. I meet about 200 people there, most of whom share the same concerns as me. Have I thrown in the towel and now work for a multinational?

Not at all! After a few months of a laborious and disappointing search for an office to rent or buy, I finally decided to take a permanent place in a coworking space. What at first did not really attract me (I was afraid of the noise, of not being quiet, of not being able to concentrate), turned out to be a source of inspiration and daily motivation.

I walk there every morning, and the twenty-five minute journey wakes me up and sharpens my senses. When I walk through the office door, I'm ready to get to work! And while I have a quiet workspace where I can concentrate on my projects, I also have the opportunity to interact with a multitude of interesting people, with a variety of backgrounds, whether they are self-employed or employed, working alone or in teams. No two days are alike, the meetings multiply and there is always someone to talk to if I feel like taking a break. A dream come true!

About once a week, the Silversquare Stephanie coworking space (because that's what it is) organises a small event: an afterwork, a breakfast or a 'Lunch & Learn' (a nice lunch during which a member offers an hour-long information session to the other members). So there is always an opportunity to meet more members and to discover new things.

The whole thing is orchestrated by a team of hard-working business & office managers, who are always available (thanks to Mégane VIVIEN, Violette de Schaetzen and Natalia Dziedzia). The little word via LinkedIn from one of the founders (Axel Kuborn), to see if we like each other, also shows that they take their job to heart...

Now that I've put down my luggage and I intend to stay, you are welcome to visit me!

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CREDITS - Michel Evrard (Photography)