Brig is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Brussels, focused on creative graphic & web design, identity and typography. We help SME’s to strengthen their brands without hassle through our 6 pillars branding development program.

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My name is Brigitte, but you can call me Brig or even Bribri if we get that close!

Having graduated from ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique — Brussels) in 2000, I have been working in communication agencies as a graphic and web designer, web developer and project manager for the latest 16 years. * Multidisciplinary Graphic Design Studio * Brussels

Graphic design is not my only passion.

I follow piano and composition classes, and love to ride one of my bicycles in the city or into the wild. * Multidisciplinary Graphic Design Studio * Brussels

I guess at some point there is always a need of going back to the roots.

During my four years of fascinating and enriching studies, I had the opportunity to experiment creativity in different artistic fields. * Multidisciplinary Graphic Design Studio * Brussels

Since January 2020, I'm working full-time for my studio and propose my services for a more multidisciplinary approach.

What would be better than to have the chance to mix all my passions; graphic design, photography, calligraphy, music... and more? * Multidisciplinary Graphic Design Studio * Brussels

A pleasant relation with the client, and to take time to have an accurate initial briefing is to my eyes the most important thing for a good collaboration.

Define the needs and the affinities at first and let the ideas unfold afterwards! * Multidisciplinary Graphic Design Studio * Brussels

Feeling like getting in touch?

Please do!

Drop me an email

Define the business' or client's need(s).

Let’s grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and start discussing about the possible problems or needs your business may face and how we can find a solution together..

Our list of clients counts freelancers as well as SMEs, acting in a wide variety of sectors from violin makers to actors in the chemical industry. No need to say their needs are extremely different.

Our approach is personalized and always ‘à la carte’. Based on our 20+ years of knowledge and expertise, we propose what we think is the best solution for you and/or your company..

The right logo.

At the very start there is your brand. Starting from scratch or working on a rebranding is about the same process: finding a logo and a visual identity which reflect your company and its values, making sense for you and for your audience.

Branding is everywhere.

With a good branding that reflects the right image of your company, you can attract new customers as well as convince existing ones to keep collaborating with you. Keep in mind that your visual identity is how you look to the outside world.

It is therefore really important that all your off- and online communication is in line with your branding.

We can help you develop and strengthen your brand on your website, mobile app designs, annual report, emailing templates, printed communication, etc.

User experience, user interface.

Now that a lot of communication is done digitally, we have to particularly pay attention that interfaces (websites, mobile apps, portals,…) are intuitive and easy to understand.

It is not just about looking good, but also about working smoothly.

Choosing the right technology for your website.

As we said previously, every business has specific needs.

It also applies when starting to create a website.

We propose static websites in html and css/scss (with frameworks as Bootstrap, Semantic UI, etc. if needed) for your website that you won’t need to administrate yourself.

WordPress CMS for websites that you want to be able to edit yourself.

And for more complicated architectures, we work in collaboration with a dev agency which developed their own CMS, which is completely customizable.

Improve your visibility on the web.

We can help you with simple solutions to improve your visibility on the web.

Increase your presence on search engines with the best ranking by simply proposing a right and short content on your website (natural referencing).

Activate your brand with online campaigns on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,…).

Keep your customers up-to-date by sending regular and to the point emailing.