'Entrez dans la légende'

That's the slogan of the 20km de Bruxelles - 20km door Brussel. It wasn't what prompted Michel Evrard and me to set the 20km as our goal this year, but we were determined to do it. This wasn't Michel's first attempt - he'd already run this legendary race a few times. What was new this year was that he was taking part with the .BE TEAM.

For my part, I'd been wanting to take part for a few years, and I clearly preferred to do it as part of a team. On the advice of Christian Gillet, and thanks to Bruno Schwartz's contacts, I joined the great Cadence team to run on Tuesday evenings... and I very quickly signed up for the 20km with them.

-Cadence was created in January 2023 by Max Van Santen and Vincent Ghyssens and already brings together many people who want to run in a group. And what better way to progress than in the company of people at a higher level, who generously share their experience and advice? A real motivator! And of course it was a great opportunity to meet some great people (Ins Robert, Florence Defort, Emmanuel van den Brle, Gauthier Muguerza, Julien Goss...). A huge thank you to those who regularly keep the slower runners company ;-)

But back to the 20km... The atmosphere at the Brussels 20km race was truly extraordinary. The chemistry between the runners and the spectators or music groups lining the route created a festive and motivating atmosphere. The cheers from the spectators often gave me a boost of energy when I needed it (with a special thought for Christian Defauw, who I spotted twice among the spectators and who was bursting with enthusiasm as he cheered me on: thank you to him!) It was a unique experience to feel the support and enthusiasm of the crowd along the route.

This race was also stimulating in terms of my professional activity, as it gave me the opportunity to read the slogans written on the backs of some of the participants. There were some great ideas, creating a humorous link between the race and the good cause or sponsoring company. I particularly remember:

'No speed limit (to the shower)' - Facq
'Running is not (yet) taxed' - BUREAU SVG
'Move your a** for nature' - WWF

Something to make you smile and get my creative juices flowing...

I try to reconcile work, sport and music. It's a challenge to devote the right amount of time and energy to each of these activities. But the resulting balance is essential for my development within the studio: each activity feeds into the other two.

So next year, do you want to be part of the legend too?

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