Freedelity was founded in 2009 when Belgium was pioneering the deployment of the electronic identity card. Inspired from the beginning by extensive experience in the ICT field, the objectives were twofold:

  • Guarantee each consumer secure access to their own personal data and their ability to control the use of this data with respect to direct marketing purposes.
  • Simplify the life of merchants and help them better know and communicate with their customers.

Since 2009, the company has grown to become a benchmark in the collection and processing of personal data.

Brig has been lucky enough to work with Freedelity since the beginning. She provides communication advice and production work for Freedelity and its two platforms: MyFreedelity and CustoCentrix.

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ACTIVITY - Visual Identity, Graphic design, Webdesign & integration, Communication support and advice
CLIENT - Freedelity

Sébastien Buysse
CEO and founder of Freedelity

We have been working together since early 2020, and I am always happy to start any new project with Brigitte. Always positive, always receptive to new ideas and positive critisism. Explain once, get the perfect result directly. Thank you for working with us, your work is highly appreciated! :)