La créativité liée au vélo

This was actually the first offer I made under the name of Brig srl in early January. Pascal Mageren contacted me as he was looking for a graphic designer to take care of the layout of his book 'Bike-inspired creativity 2'. As a bicycle enthusiast and having always been amazed by the energy Pascal was putting in his side project 'Vélosophe', I was quite excited by this work.

About ten months later, I'm holding the book in my hands as it just got out of the printer (Graphius Group). What an adventure!

You can read the very well written article Pascal published yesterday to discover the complete making off.

This was indeed a wonderful team work from the idea to the book with Pascal Mageren, Michel Evrard, Alison Hughes, Moira Bluer and Fabienne Naumann-de Morteuil.

A big thank you for the many of you who pre-ordered the book, it'll soon be on it's way to your mailboxes!

Missed the crowdfunding? No problem, you can order it here!

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