Looking back on 2020...

Exactly one year ago, I was — with my partner (in life and in business) — signing at the notary to create my own company, BRIG srl. At that moment we had of course no idea of what 2020 was going to be... very far away in China, there was told about that Corona virus, which seems really unimportant from here at first glance.

Freelancing was not completely new as I had been already quite active for the last two years working on creative projects on top of my work in agency. But I had just made the big step quitting my paid job. Decision not very easy to take, but I was feeling it was the right time for me to do so.

The launch party

Besides finishing works in progress and starting new ones, I had also a big challenge ahead; my launch party which was taking place at the end of the month. Without Jean-Paul Judson's impulse, I probably would have never thought organising one. I have to thank him again for the great idea. It was a nice success, a good opportunity to make the buzz and a very nice way to gather people in a very nice place — which unfortunately didn't make it through the Corona crisis — surrounded by wonderful people giving me a hand (thank you Catherine, Jens, Michel and TriPhtongue!). Click here to see the pictures and know more about the event.

After the event...

The event has had many great outcomes. Among those I got back in touch with Eric de Bellefroid whom I had worked with at my first job, about 20 years ago... He's now consultant for Freedelity, a dynamic IT company in Nivelles, whom I started a great and intense collaboration with (graphic design, identity, UX/UI, web design, integration,...). For each project, I can rely on their strong development knowledges. Kind of the perfect match, isn't it?

Great creativity works, on all supports

This year was also the time for me to layout my first 'real' book for the Vélosophe. He contacted me in early January as he was looking for a graphic designer to take care of the layout of his second volume of the book 'Bike-Inspired Creativity'. For a bicycle lover, that project was a good omen. I took care of the printing management which was a pleasant work to do. Mid-november, the book was ready and printed!

This year also counts some very neat jobs with Edito3 whom I've been working with for a couple of years now. Among those, I must say I'm kind of proud to have developed Annemie Schauss' campaign website for ULB rectorate. On top of that, the fact that she won was a very warm and positive feeling.

Working is definitely meeting and getting to know people, even during pandemic times. I was very lucky to meet brussels' based photographer and filmmaker Antoine Deckers for who I created a logo and visual identity as well as a website. Looking at his pictures makes you travel without moving!

Another challenging job was to integrate a design into a SquareSpace template for CrowdCooks, a company created by David Garlot who delivers healthy and good cooked meals at home. Challenging but fun to do for the CSS geek I seem to be!

I also made some technical updates on the Cambier website, a law firm consisting of lawyers-bicycle-lovers (actually nearly all of them)!

I hopefully worked again with my friend Jean-Paul Judson, on visuals for webinars about urban mobility organised by EIT.

I also worked with Julie Ranson whom I had also worked with years ago and who is now working at the association 'Les amis des aveugles'. They organised a creative pitch for a campaign in which I took part (I didn't win but the challenge was thrilling).

We also finalised Catherine Janssens website, my favorite violins/violas/cellos maker! The website describes her approach of creating instruments and is also a gallery of all the instruments which are for sale.

I also collaborated for smaller but sweet projects with SoWrong, Omnex, DeliTraiteur and more...

And now?

2020 was, despite of being a really weird year, quite exciting for me on the professional side, I could have hardly dreamt of such a year. I can only hope this new year to be as rich in term of projects and discoveries. I'll definitely 'Stay positive, work hard & make it happen' - again!

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