Ranking good

When talking about creating a new website, one very important point often comes up. Will it rank good on Google and other search engines?

This is one of the point we particularly worked on with Antoine Deckers when building his new website. I met Antoine at a moment where he started to be established as photographer; he had two years of exciting projects behind him and wanted to have professional branding and website to replace his 'online generated logo' and Wix website.

A couple of months later, he’s the second (non paying) result for 'photographe hotel Bruxelles', and present on the first three pages for the other searches we were targeting. Antoine is really happy to stand out from the huge crowd — which is really important in his job to attract new client.

What we did was simply natural referencing (or SEO). In other words, setting up sharp copywriting (with edito3: Sylvie Ledune and Brigitte Ledune) with the right web technology.

Website bezoeken

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KLANT - Antoine Deckers