Kikk 2022

Eleventh edition of the KIKK... it was time to go and see this famous festival organised and created by (among others) my former colleague Gilles Bazelaire.

For those who don't know, the KIKK takes place in the centre of Namur. It's all about digital in a very broad way. This year's theme was "Tales of Togetherness", very appropriate after these particular years... During 4 days, there is an orgy of conferences, workshops, exhibitions, parties and networking.

I don't really know why I didn't attend the previous editions, but it doesn't matter, this year Quentin Verhaegen and I decided to go.

Of the 35 conferences offered, I attended 14 of them. The backgrounds of the speakers were very diverse, and so were the approaches. Some of them were particularly inspiring for us freelancers, such as:

  • Thierry Brunfaut from Base Design ("How to create a studio culture") who won us over with his honesty about the highs & lows that this mythical agency has encountered, all presented with punch and a lot of humour. Ending with the hilarious "Perspectives" was simply fabulous.
  • The first day ended with a bang with the crazy Fredrik Öst and Erik Kockum from SNASK, a daring agency from Stockholm. They do branding, design, strategy, communication,... but with their very own signature. They dare to be different and do it brilliantly. And they are also very funny.
  • Gabriele Rossi from the Accurat agency in Milan + NY, specialised in dataviz and creative coding. After giving us an overview of his career path, he talks about his agency Accurat, their work on data and its representations, but also about the inevitable evolution of a company. Their logo and their projects are real graphic jewels!

In parallel to the conferences we also had access to various exhibitions in different representative places of Namur. For example "Eternelle Notre-Dame" at the Nave, "Biotopia" at the Pavilion at the Citadel or "Beautiful Agony" at the Delta.

This Kikk was also full of very interesting meetings and exchanges. Thanks to (part of) the WebstanZ team for the very nice evening on Thursday (Nicolas Hautenauve, Michaël Totta and Martin JUHL) and Florent SCHIRRER (a very talented motion designer to follow!).

In short, see you next year!

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