Brig 3 years !

I have wonderful clients!

On January 26th, about 60 of us gathered at #SilverSquare Stephanie to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of BRIG studio.

For the occasion, I had coordinated a varied programme, calling on the talents of my clients. Six of them quickly responded to my request, showing an obvious enthusiasm to take part in a discussion around communication or to propose a more practical workshop. It's impossible to capture the authentic, relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere of this impromptu sharing, brilliantly led by Jean-Paul Judson. We talked about graphic design, collaborations, data, behavioural sciences, original bikes, AI,... A huge thank you to Pascal Mageren, Eric de Bellefroid, Fred Dorsimont and Sebastien Buysse for playing the game!

The most daring then had the opportunity to test three original bikes brought by the #Velosophe. A playful and surprising gateway to creativity.

Patrick De Bruyne, for his part, offered the lucky few who were able to register for his workshops the opportunity to discover the Alexander Technique. The exchanges were rich, as Patrick generously overran the time allotted.

The icing on the cake of this anniversary programme was the confirmation on D-6 of an interactive project around AI and image generation proposed by Florent Schirrer of Hello I'm Flo. This was a good opportunity to extend the reflection on the last subject addressed in the discussion at the beginning of the evening: will artificial intelligence be able to replace us one day in our jobs?

The evening continued with a moment of networking, musically accompanied by my friends from the group Tri Phtongue, while the taste buds were treated to a wonderful buffet prepared by Food to go.

This birthday party was really wonderful for me. What a chance and what a pleasure to gather clients, partners, co-workers, but also friends who have been there since the genesis of Brig. I think that the exchanges and meetings were numerous and interesting. This is something that AI is not ready to replace!

Let's have a look at Michel Evrard's pictures to go back to those pleasant moments.

Thanks to Marie Devimeux for her support (before, during and after the event)!

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KLANT - Brig srl
CREDITS - Michel Evrard (Photography)